Scouts from Troop 6 attended the 27th Winteree at West Piney Lodge on Jan. 27, 28 & 29. 360 people attended, including 260 scouts from 35 troops.  They had lots of fun and participated in all of the competitions.  We had two nights of camping with -19 C on Friday and -9 on Saturday.  Troop 387 won the trophy for the second year.  The A-Team came in 2nd in lashings, and the Wookies came in First in Orienteering and 2nd in fire building. 

In attendance were David L, William, Aaron, Andrew, Ben, Sam, Morris, Calen, Justin, Bryce, Seth, Philip, Taven, Connor and Joe.  Adults were Robin, Nancy, Harlan, Darren, Tim, Trish and Cheryl.  In addition, people from Pack 6 attended. (check out the group photo.)