February 2012 we tried to execute our annual snow caving outing at Pine Creek Pass.  It was snowing and blowing.  We got as far as Heise, and there was a white-out, so we went thru Rexburg.  It was almost as bad, and the road was closed after we went thru.  We took a vote at the turnoff to the cabin, but the guys wanted to try it, so we headed to the pass.  The bigger guys with snowshoes and sleds made it to the cornice, but the wind was worse there.  The younger guys weren’t making much progress, and were seizing up.  So we decided for health and safety reasons to go to plan C - at the cabin.  There was a quinzee there already from a previous visitor, so 5 guys got to enlarge it and sleep in it.

It wasn’t a total loss, though, we completed the leader training and year planning that was scheduled for next weekend. Entertainment was the Star Trek movie. And we stopped by the Rainey Creek Store on the way home for square ice cream!

In attendance were William, Bryce, Taven, Ben, Phillip, Austin, Michael, Doug and Sam.  Adults were Robin, Bob and Cheryl.  Scouts earned 2 miles trekking, -10C at night.  The drive was about 250 harrowing miles by the time we were all done. 

Epic Snow Caving