This may have been one of the shortest 50 milers in history.  We started at the Big Springs under cloudy skies and it hailed.  The wind blew.  After 7 miles of canoeing we set up camp in a clearing just down river from Coffeepot campground.  They had to haul the canoes about 1/4 mile up hill to the cars.  We hiked one mile to look at the rapids before bed.  We woke up to snow in the morning and got -3 C degrees overnight.  After checking the weather - we decided to bag the rest of the canoeing.  The guys cleaned out the Groover and we visited upper and lower Mesa Falls.  We did about 7 miles of canoeing and 5 miles of hiking.  Attending were Doug, David, Ben, Connor, Braden and Taven.  Adults were Robin and Cheryl.  About 200 miles of driving with all the shuttling.

Henry’s Fork 2012