The August outing was at Ririe reservoir, and we held our annual Junior Leader Training, TLT, ILST or whatever it was, along with year planning and water sports.  The first challenge was for the guys to get Robin’s big tent up on Friday night.  The next day the rest of the troop and Venturing Crew 6 arrived and water sports commenced.  The reservoir was down, so there was some mud wallowing.  Scout had fun riding the tube, although nobody tried the water skiing or boarding for the merit badge.  Mileage was 40 round trip, Venturers got 3 miles of canoeing.  In attendance were:  Friday:  Taven (New SPL), Connor, David P, David L, Philip, Robin and Cheryl.  Saturday included the leadership plus William, Braden, Tim, Doug, Michael and Bob B. 

Ririe 2012