Troop fees:  Dues of $25 and equipment fees of $13 are due semi-annually at courts of honor.  In addition scouts must pay $10 annually for registration and $12 per family for Boy’s Life magazine.  Troop 6 is a 100% Boy’s Life unit.  Families are also encouraged to donate to Friends of Scouting. It costs the Council about  $80 per year per Scout.

Scout Accounts:  The money in Scout accounts is available for scouting expenses only, not junk food or video games.  Any balance after a scout becomes inactive will be refunded.  Scouts should have a balance of about $10 to cover outings & activities. Leaders will not lend money to Scouts.  Each regular outing costs $10 - $8 for food and $2 for transportation.

Physicals:  Scouts must have a current BSA medical form to participate in troop activities and Summer camp.  New Scouts must file this form within three months of joining.  Participating adults must have a Class III annually.

Fund Raisers:  All money raised in the name of the Boy Scouts must be turned over to the troop.   Earnings will be allocated to the accounts of the Scouts who participate.  The troop raises funds with a dutch oven brunch in February, a rummage sale in June and Popcorn sales in September.

Troop Committee:  All parents of scouts are automatically committee members.  They are expected to attend committee meetings as shown on the calendar and help with troop activities.  The committee is the board of directors of the troop and also conducts boards of review for advancing scouts.

Uniforms:  Scouts must wear their uniforms or troop t-shirts, as specified by the leaders, at all troop meetings, special activities, campouts and transportation to the activities.  Non Scout hats may not be worn in the church.  A full uniform (shirt, pants, belt, sox) is required for summer camp and courts of honor.  Additional troop t-shirts may be purchased for $6 each.

Participation:  Each Scout should participate in fund raising events and troop service projects.  Parents are expected to support their sons by helping with patrol and troop responsibilities, including fulfilling the duties of the troop positions they hold.  In addition, each family is expected to have a parent attend at least one outing.

Junk food:  Any candy or sugared pop brought to a meeting or campout must include enough to be distributed to all attending.  Sugared, caffeinated beverages are not allowed e.g. Mountain Dew, Colas.

Troop gear:  No scouts may leave the drop off point after a campout or other event until all vehicles have been cleaned by the scouts and inspected by the owners and all troop equipment has been dispersed for cleaning and drying or put away.

The Church:  Scouts will remain in the meeting room throughout the meeting time.  Those roaming the church will be sent home immediately.  Scouts may not be in the church unless two adults and two scouts are present.

Scoutmaster’s rules:

Electronic devices.  Scouts may not bring electronic games, toys or video players on outings.  PDAs, cell phones, GPS units and two-way radios may be approved.

Advancement:  Parents should not sign off on more than 20% of their son’s advancement requirements or merit badges.

Discipline: Scouts must keep the Oath and Law in mind at all times and behave respectfully toward fellow scouts and adult leaders.  

By the Book: The aims of Scouting are to build character, foster citizenship and develop fitness.  The methods used are the ideals of scouting, the patrol method, the outdoors, advancement, personal growth, adult association, leadership development and the uniform.  Two-deep leadership will be consistently followed.

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